DeMarcus Lawrence on Jerry Jones: About us coming together, not one man

Cowboys defensive tackle Gerald McCoy made multiple calls for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to speak out the issues of racial inequality that have been front and center since the murder of George Floyd last month.

Jones’ silence has been notable given how rarely he’s avoided microphones in the past, but another Cowboys player is less eager than McCoy to hear from Jones. Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence said “this problem is too big to fix with one man”

“This whole situation has nothing to do with Jerry or anybody in Jerry’s position,” Lawrence said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “This is about us coming together and focusing on how we can make a change and how we can come together and be united. I don’t see how one man in Jerry’s position or any of those types positions can make a change. The only thing they can do is give us money to make a change. What kind of help do we need from Jerry: we need to stand on our own two feet, be the man we are supposed to be and build foundations and build centers to help our youth.”

Lawrence said he thinks it is important to focus on making sure that young people “understand our struggle and our history.” He was working to do that while at a rally supporting making Juneteenth a national holiday commemorating the end of slavery, which is one way to ensure that part of that history is appreciated on an annual basis.